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Board of Directors

Mohammad Hadi Paziraei, the chairman of the board.

He has a master degree in chemistry from Missouri University USA. He has had 35 years of experience in industrial production and is the manager of the research unit. Moreover, he is one of the members of Rezinsazan board of directors.


Mohammad Yousefi, the head of company.

He has a BS degree in civil engineering from Persian Gulf University Busher. He has had 6 years of experience in laboratory experiments in concrete admixture and modern building materials. Also, he has had 8 years of experience in Rezinsazanfars selling and marketing. He has been working as one of the advisors in many concrete projects in Iran. He is the spokesperson of the company in many seminars and lectures.


Mohammad Emadi, the vice president.

He has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering of solid-materials design from Marvdasht Islamic Azad University. He has had 6 years of experience in industrial production. He works as the special sales manager of concrete chemical foams, and powder products including various kinds of adhesives. Besides, he works as Rezinsazanfars technical expert and the manager of engineering design.