Super silica gel M2900

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Super silica gel M2900



Super silica gel M2900 is a composite of melamine super plasticizer + micro silica and could be a retarder or accelerator regarding the basic needs of the design and concreting location. This gel makes the concrete considerably impermeable and brings about proper fluidity and workability. It is the best replacement for powder system and reduces its technical and implementation problems. Micro silica removes the deficiency of the transfer area (the connection point of the paste and aggregate) and completing hydration results in the increase of pressure resistance and concrete impermeability.


Even and thorough dispersion of cement and micro-silica in the concrete

Water reduction up to 25% and preserving the workability and slump

Increasing the properties of fresh and hardened concrete

Making the concrete highly impermeable

Avoiding the surface cracks and the possibility of implementing thin concrete

Increasing the pressure, frictional and bending resistance of the concrete.

Appropriate for sealing the water reservoirs

Appropriate for drinking water reservoirs


The exact dosage is specified with regard to building materials, the mix design requirements and concreting conditions which are determined by laboratory tests. However, a dosage between 5 to 8 % of the cement weight is recommended to make sure of the sufficient amount of silica in the concrete.

How to use

Add the specified amount of super-silica gel to the mixer while the concrete is being made. As super- silica Gel M2900 does all its chemical reactions in water, avoid pouring it on dry materials.

We can also add this gel to ready-mixed concrete at the site of concreting. To do this, add the super- silica Gel M2900 from the terminal opening of the mixer and allow the mixing process to continue 90 turns.


Appearance: jelly

Color: gray

Without chlorine ion

Density: 1.22 ± 0.02

Shelf Time: keep in original containers out of sunlight for 6 months

Freezing point: zero degree of Celsius. In case of freezing, heat it gently to be recycled.

Packaging and Maintenance: keep in 12.5 kg buckets. You can change the packaging if need arise. It must be kept in sealed containers in roofed warehouses out of direct sunlight and freezing conditions.

Safety points:


Super silica Gel M2900 contains no toxic or flammable materials, however, if you touch it wash your hands or other parts of the body with water.